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At DREAM Aerospace, we hold the key to unlocking limitless space exploration. As pioneers in propulsion systems, we defy limits and propel your dreams to the universe's farthest reaches. Fueling our missions with green propellants, we're dedicated to preserving our planet while expanding the frontiers of knowledge. Join us on an exhilarating journey as we redefine space exploration. Discover the extraordinary with DREAM Aerospace and embark on a new era of boundless possibilities.

Standout Promise



Our thrusters can be customisable according to the mission requirement

Greater Performance

Our HAN based propellants have low crystalization point, higher density and volumetric impulse.


Green & Affordable

Propellants are safe and nontoxic, thus less infrastructural cost


30X more Agile

Agile system due to the ability to produce higher thrust compared with other electric thrusters.


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